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Where innovation is the key to success, where nature encounters imagination, where inspiration meets creation, where passion meets attraction, where romance meets expression, where sensuality embraces style, is where divine innovations is discovered. Yes, DIVINE INNOVATIONS is an one stop shop where a customer will have a rendezvous with the world's most aesthetic innovation manifested in metal products ,offering a wide spectrum of handicrafts products made in brass,alluminium,iron,steel and stainless steel..


A wide base of handicraft knowledge is the hallmark of our company. Our journey through different eras of varied trends has enabled us to treasure exclusive designs and patterns in Indian handicraft. Combined with cost-effectiveness, our handicraft and furniture products have been the showcases of rich Indian heritage. Quality stands as the most significant aspect of our handicraft products. Each product is quality checked post-production and pre-delivery. We have master craftsmen who create authentic products, using traditional methods and techniques. Best put, we are a one-stop shop for exclusive and authentic handicraft products in India, from carved architectural elements of Gujarat to bronze of south India to finest silver from east India.


India has a rich history of handicrafts. The significance of handicrafts lies in its self-sufficiency and use of materials. Handicrafts depict craftsman’s talent in a way different from the machine-made counterparts. Handicrafts also known as crafts work is a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or using only simple tools. We at DIVINE INNOVATIONS have earned a respectable position as leading manufacturers and exporters of Brass , iron, steel and Aluminium handicrafts..


Divine Innovations is involved in manufacturing and export of fine quality metal products across the globe.Being started in the year 1980 as a supplier of raw material to the local consumers only, we have today due to our commendable services,comprehensive industry knowledge and understanding of market trends carved a niche for ourself in the global handicraft market..In 2008 we marched at the forefront of the handicraft industry as a manufacturer and exporter of superior quality handcrafted items like candle holders, planters, wall decoratives, garden accessories, wind chimes, clocks & lanterns, mirrors, photo frames,stainless steel kitchenwares & barwares and table easels & bed linens.


DIVINE INNOVATIONS has evolved out of our consortiums vision of providing standardised goods to our customers in every part of the world. DIVINE INNOVATIONS is geared to create a significant presence in businesses across various vectors of brass handicrafts,alluminium handicrafts,iron home decors,steel & stainless steel and other metal products from India.. The company strives to create the best design for our international consumers. We are proud of our Indian roots, faithful to our unique design language, committed to our quality and craftsmanship. Our mission is to delight our customers worldwide by delivering unique products of superior design and quality.Our endeavour is to bring exquisite products for our customers.


Innovative marketing concepts ,quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction. At DIVINE INNOVATIONS ,the stream of satisfied customers continue to grow as DIVINE INNOVATIONS continues to be creative and diversifies to expand busness, and improve quality into the next millenium. DIVINE INNOVATIONS are dedicated to providing our customers with an outstanding level of service, knowledge and assistance. We strive to exceed your expectations whenever possible, and are available 24 hours a day to help you find the perfect fit.



Divine innovations is committed to making metal products in india that makes the world a better place to live in.From design stage to production and packaging,all processes are concentrated on making brass handicrafts, and other metal handicrafts products that pollute a lot less and exceed global benchmarks.





A business does not exist in isolation. It impacts and is impacted by the environment it operates in.We, at DIVINE INNOVATIONS recognize this fact and thus feel as responsible for contributing towards the creation of social capital as towards maximizing returns.DIVINE INNOVATIONS consortium has undertaken social programmes with a vision to bring about sustainable social development.

CSR programmes at DIVINE INNOVATIONS consortium are not conducted as an impromptu humanitarian activity but as a sustainable effort to improve the quality of life of the employees and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. The concept of CSR is deeply ingrained in DIVINE INNOVATIONS culture.



To accomplish great things we must act, but also dream not only plan, but also believe


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